The Lost Coast Trail Key-Swap

The Lost Coast Trail is a point-to-point backpacking trip. We recommend that you leave your car at the end of the trail. So how do you get to the start of the hike?

There are three options: take the shuttle, use 2 cars, or arrange a key-swap. Key-swap is the best option if you only have one car and you don’t want to spend $95 per person on the shuttle ride.

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How it works

First, find another hiker:

  1. starting their trip on the same day as you, and
  2. hiking in the opposite direction

You can post a key-swap request above. Follow these steps once you’ve found somebody:

Step 1/6

Bob and Alice meet up (Gaberville is a great choice).

Bob and Alice meet up in Gaberville, which is on US 101